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Criteria for buying lederhosen


The leather

A chamois tanned deerskin is often used to make traditional leather pants. The time-consuming tanning process can take up to six weeks. Besides, this process is not only time-consuming, but also requires a lot of experience and dedication.
The advantage of chamois tanned leather pants is that the natural fabrics used make the pants breathable. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
No leather pants can compete with a chamois tanned suede! It is particularly soft and is also considered the finest of all leathers.


The embroidery

When embroidering on the “Lederne”, a distinction must first be made between hand embroidery and machine embroidery.
With machine processing, the leather is completely pierced, with hand-embroidered patterns this does not happen. This hand decoration of the entire leather pants can take up to 80 hours, but you will get a unique leather pants with personality. You can recognize handmade leather pants by the fact that they have a lying S-For, also called S-seam, which cannot be machine-made.


sack seam

In the past, a distinction was made between bag workers and tailors. The tailors placed their seams inside so that they were not visible. The Säckler, on the other hand, visibly stitch the leather edges together. They also put a light-colored leather strip between the leather edges and then sew them together on the outside.
Today, the sack seam designates high-quality leather pants that are elaborately processed by hand.



Since the leather expands a little after a while, you should make sure that the leather pants fit tightly after purchase. If the buckskin trousers are too small or too big, you can use the gusset to help. With the leather insert on the back of the waistband, the leather pants can be enlarged or reduced as desired. The gusset can be pulled tighter or wider with a leather strap.


Knife bag

All good lederhosen have a knife pocket on the right side, which is often embroidered with your initials. Of course, a hunting knife, also known as a "nicker" or "feitel", belongs in the pocket. The handle of the hunting knife is usually made of suede or antler.



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