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This is guaranteeing the success of the oktoberfest


When September comes to an end, the anticipation of the Oktoberfest - probably the most famous festival in Germany - increases. This festival is also a highlight of the year for non-Bavarians and here you can find out how to make your visit to the Oktoberfest a success!

The right Outfit

Dressing up for Oktoberfest is a must. Dirndl is compulsory for the girls. These traditional dresses consist of a bodice and skirt, a plunging neckline blouse, puff sleeves and of course the gorgeous apron.

And for our boys it means: Lederhose! This can be combined with almost anything and will stay with you for a lifetime if you take good care of it.

It's best to combine your Lederhose with a Tyrolean hat and you'll become a true Bavarian.

Note: The nicer the outfit, the better the beer tastes!


Get your place in the beer tent

The easiest way to get a place in the beer tent is to make a reservation. If you have reserved a seat, you can come within the reserved time whenever you want and only have to worry about the minimum consumption.

But: If you don't reserve 1 year in advance, you're probably too late.


If you haven't reserved a table, it means: The early bird gets the table. Depending on when you arrive at the tent, a long queue has definitely formed to the tent. You can only go in until the tent is full.

So you should be prepared for a long stay in the marquee!


Don't make stupid comments

As wild and rough as it may be at Oktoberfest, you should avoid making critical comments about the Wiesn. It's not called the “biggest binge on earth” for nothing and should therefore be respected by every guest.

So if you already have the chance to take part in the Oktoberfest, you should simply enjoy the Bavarian customs!


Watch your language

Once you have managed to find the right beer tent and a seat, all you have to do is order a beer. Unfortunately, the expression “One beer please” is wrong here. At the Wiesn you order “a Maß” - which means something like a liter, or “a Hoiwe” - half a litre.

However, you will not only have to speak to the waiter. With enough alcohol in the blood, the small talk begins with some Oktoberfest visitors. As a non-Bavarian, some terms are a mystery to the Bavarians.




When you shout into the forest, it resounds out: We are happy to help and also welcome praise and criticism.